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My creative approach to working with clients began as a practicum student in Social Work in 1977 where my agenda was to " Live, Learn and Laugh" despite the challenging clinical settings I was assigned to each semester. As a graduate of the High School for Performing Arts I gravitated towards dance therapy, art, music and play. While practicing Systemic Family Therapy in a Marriage and Family clinic, I also worked in a Children's Clinic playing and practicing movement therapy with preschoolers and developmentally delayed older children. 


When I enrolled in a Dance Therapy elective course I was surprised that instead of dancing around something very profound was happening by being quiet and still. I spent the entire 4 hours per week meditating and practicing healing touch and explored the concepts of what we refer to now as Energy Medicine.   Reknown author, cellular biologist and physiologist James Oschman wrote a comprehensive overview of all of the research over the years supporting principles of energy medicine is his book “ Energy Medicine  The Scientific Basis” .  He presented at the International BodyTalk Association conference last August 2007 and eloquently stated, “The body is very sensitive. All cells are living creatures listening to whispers in the environment. When you bring your hand near someone the heart signals show up in their brain wave. The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body.”   


After graduating with my Masters of Social Work in 1979 degree I pursued postgraduate training in Family Therapy at the Houston Galveston Institute. I thrived on cutting edge practices and philosophies of change and personal transformation. I studied Narrative Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy and Collaborative Language Systems with Master Therapists such as the late Harold Goolishian and Insoo Kim Berg, and current amazing Mentor,  Harlene Anderson who taught me the power of opening conversational space for a broad range of possible answers and shifting attention to regions of life experience that have been neglected or overlooked.

This became the underlying philosophy of my clinical practice, which is also a premise of the BodyTalk system, but on much broader mind body space level, utilizing the body’s inner language and natural communication system.


While developing a successful psychotherapy practice with children, adolescents and families in the 1980’s I became immersed in exploring healing practices in Yoga and Buddhist meditation in the Tibetan Bon tradition.  As a Yogi I tried many approaches to personal healing and transformation, looking beyond what was visibly observed or easily explained, and began weaving what I learned into the fabric of my everyday life and clinical expertise in helping others.



I spent over half of my career as a Clinical Social Worker at DePelchin Children's Center, and then took my skills to medical and psychiatric settings working with teams of clinicians treating adults diagnosed with acute and chronic illness. In 1988 I began supervising and training graduate students in Social Work, Nursing and Psychology and have continued exploring how to integrate the most effective modalities in my practice.   After I became certified to teach Yoga I met a talented Social Work intern where I was working at the University of Texas Health Science Center who taught me Emotional Freedom Technique. At the time we were practicing in an acute psychiatric setting and taught patients the process and got amazing results with so called chronic negative symptoms and drug cravings and a variety of other issues. Emotional Freedom Technique is a self help energy therapy technique to deal with thoughts, phobias, negative emotions by applying light tapping on specific acupuncture meridian points to balance out electrical circuits in the body.     


After the intern graduated she called me one day and exclaimed, " I finally found a system which combines all of the healing modalities I have ever known to be helpful to my clients into one protocol." The results are fantastic. You have to try it". Soon, I discovered BodyTalk right at the point where I was searching for something beyond the limits of talking and dosing methods of mental and physical healthcare, ready to change career directions, teach more Yoga and wanting to start a private practice.  I took the first BodyTalk course the weekend before Hurricane Katrina, completed all of the advanced courses and was certified within a year.  


In addition to my private BodyTalk practice, I consult and provide Coaching and trainings for individuals, groups or organizations.    I enjoy teaching Yoga at the local YMCA, NIA Moves and the Menninger Clinic in Houston, Texas.  I continue to work with graduate students and provide integrative group and individual supervision for Social Workers working towards advanced clinical licensure.    



My mission is to help people of all ages to connect with the vibrant healthy parts of themselves and live a joyful and fulfilling life.


I appreciate all of past and current students, Teachers, classmates and precious friends who have supported me in sharing the practice with you and helped me along the way.


"Vicki continually renews her commitment to awaken to something greater, to deepen her knowledge of the body and the mind and to open her heart."    

My Core Beliefs are congruent with BodyTalk, Yoga and my philosophy of change:


  • The Body can heal itself
  • A relaxed mind is a creative mind
  • People need the comfort of connection and multiple ways to truly relax to thrive in a fast paced complex world
  • Subconscious beliefs can be shifted, cleared or reconstructed to kindle faith, enthusiasm and vitality that will permeate all parts of your life
  • Changing the focus of your attention can open you to infinite possibilities in each moment



Licensed Master Clinical Social Worker

Certified Yoga Instructor

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

Clinical Member, American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy 

Member of California Yoga Teachers Association 

Member of the International BodyTalk Association


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